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I've seen quite a few people making to-do lists lately. Not the kind you make before running errands, but a more of a goal list of experiences. I've had one in the works for quite a while now, so I've decided to make it public and cross items off as I complete them, add new items as they come to me.

01. Pay off all credit card debt.

02. Learn to screenprint. December 23, 2006-ish: My first attempt (a t-shirt for my brother) wasn't amazing, but it turned out pretty damned well.

03. Throw a party and invite people I don't know.

04. Learn the lay of Raleigh faster than I did for Clemson! Locate a variety of staples I can enjoy (dive bars, nature, coffee shops, thrift stores, restaurants, used bookstores, etc. Winter 2006: I feel like I have a fairly good grasp on the Raleigh scene, although I'm finding new things all the time!

05. Experience the "wilderness".

06. Build or refinish a piece of furniture, preferable some kind of cabinet.

07. Have an attractive website up-and-running, updating my sadly outdated skills.

08. Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator and more advanced features of Photoshop.

09. Make something wearable with my sewing machine!

10. Go skiing somewhere other than the Eastern US.

11. Live at least six months in a big city (New York, San Francisco, etc.)

12. Live outside of the United States for at least one more year, preferably in Europe.

13. Become verbally confident in another language.

14. Sell something I designed and made.

15. Resume the piano or violin or pick up a new instrument.

16. Backpack somewhere.

17. Get 100 comments on a blog entry. August 2, 2006: But it was in hot_fashion, so I'm still holding out for my own blog.

18. See artists I love in concert (as opposed to ones I don't even like). June 17, 2006: Radiohead & Beck at Bonnaroo

19. Go to the opera. September 27, 2007. Le Nozze di Figaro.

20. Collaborate on a project with someone who is not my boyfriend (as I expect to do many with him).

21. Substantially renovate a room.

22. Stay up all night talking to someone (again).

22. Dance all night (again).

23. Find something amazing at an estate sale.

24. Replace my navel ring with something less "Myrtle Beach 2001".

25. Road trip!

26. Locate the Radiohead concert from which an unidentified performance of "You" ( found on a cassette tape in the glovebox of my car) is from. Obtain a high-quality recording. Share with the world.

27. Move myself and my things to Raleigh with Thom. July 24, 2006: I moved here, but my things didn't get up here until October 3, 2006.

28. Set up treasure hunt or trail of clues for someone. December 30, 2006: A 5-clue treasure hunt for Candace, at the end of which was her unconventional (and as yet untested) graduation present.

29. See the Aurora Borealis.

30. Go on a scavenger hunt.

31. Get in a verbal fight (not arguement).

32. Enjoy a professional massage.

33. Leave brownies of Dr. O'Sullivan's doorstep.

34. Wear crazy eye makeup out somewhere suitable.

35. Take at least one beautiful photograph of Thom.

35. Take at least one gorgeous photograph of us.

36. Purge 50% of my possessions.

37. Trust my creative instincts.

38. Go wine-tasting. June 24, 2006: CoCo Farms Winery

39. Tour the brewery of a beer I love.

40. Find a Blenheim Ginger Ale t-shirt!

41. Make friends in Raleigh. Winter 2006: Getting a job was good for me. :)

42. Have a psychedelic experience. March 16, 2007.

43. Pour latte art. November 2006: Been pouring gorgeous drinks ever since!

44. Go to a strip club.

45. Purchase a piece of original artwork.

46. Try yoga.

47. Bike to places that are within 15 minutes of my house when I'm not pressed for time.

48. Learn to operate an SLR camera. Spring 2007. Hey, I didn't say I was any good at it yet.

49. Geo-caching!

50. Write for 15 minutes a day.

51. See all of the movies in the IMdB top 250. (As of June 6, I'm 129/250.)

52. Play (or at least watch) a (table-top) role-playing game.

53. Integrate my blog, photos, and other projects into a single website.

54. Scan old keepsake drawings and notes so that I don't have 7 giant boxes of them.

55. Play a practical joke.

56. Dye my hair.

57. Get a kimono I would actually wear out.

58. Go somewhere seedy in the French Quarter.

59. Apologize anonymously for something I did in the past.

60. Midnight urban exploration by flashlight.

61. Take another college course.

62. Register a domain name.

63. Have a bedroom I can really call a sanctuary.

64. Go through all of my grandparents' old photos.

65. Explore the abandoned mill in Seneca.

66. Have an eBay business up-and-running.

67. My dream trip: Iceland.

68. Find a used bookstore bigger and better than McKay's for Alia. Visit!

69. Get my eyes checked.

70. Tag my LJ back entries.

71. Bring Dr. Manhattan and the Macquarium back to life.

72. Learn how to spell "guarantee" without continually spell-checking!

73. Submit a creative effort-- outfits, photos, etc.-- to a very (constructively) critical community and take it "like a man". August 2, 2006: hot_fashion. They didn't kill me!

74. (Learn how to) Make bagels from scratch at home.

75. Tag my back-catalogued photos.

76. Visit Roswell or Area 51 to look for "UFOs".

77. Mow the lawn. For serious.

There is a website based on this idea, 43Things, that is a ton of fun. Start your own list!
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i really love your list, i'm going to start working on mine!

Deleted comment

This isn't a list of things I've never done. There are quite a few things on the list I've done before and want to do again. But you are right about number five. That should say "purchase a piece of original art". I own lots of gorgeous art given to me by you and my other wonderfully creative friends.
20. I'm in.
Any specific ideas for what you'd like to do?


10 years ago


10 years ago

I did something like this 2 years ago and came across it yesterday.I've completed about 10 out of 50 of them..not too bad!
Yes, you've been busy! There are plenty of them that I can see myself finishing off in the near future, and several that are definitely far, far away if I ever get around to them.
i love goal-lists!! i especially like "midnight urban exploration by flashlight" and the massage one, because i've been craving a good massage lately.
I really love exploring places at night and have been known to organize these expeditions before. Still, my grand proposition for last year-- exploring the creepy abandoned mill in a nearby town in the dark-- never came to fruition because well, we couldn't find it very well in the dark. :D It's still a dream of mine and it's going to be SO scary!

I'm having a massage on Monday night, I hope. I've never had a professional one before, but as my back aches almost every day, it's time. :)
You should check out mission101.
Ah, cool! I don't quite have 101 things (not even close) but I'm sure that's just because I haven't thought of them yet.

You, airplanes_, and a few other lists I've seen lately from LJ friends inspired me to post mine. :)
24. Replace my navel ring with something less "Myrtle Beach 2001".

My navel ring is more "First month away at college, freshman year 2000"

I am a big believer in lists. I love 43 things, so many of my random things are so similar to yours it's funny.
I'd love to hear yours. :) Yeah, since I grew up in Myrtle Beach, mine is really more the thing you said. But, I got the ring changed the next time I was home and I haven't changed it since!
i have three (3!) blenheim ginger ale shirts - but don't think for a second that i'm going to let you get your filthy mitts on one of them.

google says their number is 1-800-270-9344. they might ship shirts. for your sake, i hope they do; i doubt you find yourself cruising through blenheim on a regular basis. i know this because i'm there EVERY weekend and never see you.
btw, geo-caching looks really cool. i had never heard of it before.


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11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


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10 years ago


10 years ago

i like you choice of pairing with number 42 weather it was on purpose or not
#42's pairing with what? I'm not sure I get it. :)


11 years ago


11 years ago

I can help you with the SLR learningness. It's really not hard at all. I should have located this Seneca Mill, I like to photograph old abandoned places. I got some nice stuff from the old mill in Pelzer.
Still want to do this? I'll be in town this weekend. Oh wait! You aren't in Clemson anymore. :(


10 years ago

I like your list yo! I want to make one now too.

SEW SEW SEW SEW! I mean if that's what you want to do. I can not express how much I love the idea of people starting their own businesses and working for themselves!

I made bagels at home once and I did something REALLY wrong and they turned into rubber boiled dough wads...gross.
Yes, that is exactly what I want to do. I really, really want to design clothes (and sell them myself), but I just don't know anything about it. I'm going to start selling new and vintage clothes on eBay soon, though, and hopefully have enough time to learn how to sew in the mean time... I think I have good taste, so hopefully the things I put up will sell. :D
By the way, if you need a nudge on the whole 'IMDb top 250' thing, hop over to between now and 6/17 to knock another 20% off with any of the following codes:

I know you're doing the IMDb 250 thing, but have you ever counted how many of the bottom 100 you've seen?

That chart's in flux a lot more, but I've seen 18 from the current list and I think more than a third at my peak.

(Alien from L.A., Bleeders, King Kong Lives, Boggy Creek 2, Mitchell, The Wild World of Batwoman, The Killer Shrews, The Girl in Gold Boots, and Pod People have dropped off in the past few months, although I owe a lot of those to MST3K.)
I just realized that sadly, I've only seen TWO of the current bottom 100 in entirety! (Troll 2 and You Got Served). I can't even take credit for having seen the 4th Three Ninjas movie, as much as I would love to. :(


10 years ago

oh my, I love making lists like this! sewing can be very useful. and I agree with iceland (and other nordic countries)
I think i will made one like this in my lj :)
Have you been to Iceland? I've heard it's just amazing. I'd love to backpack it. Or at least offroad.

And I must learn to sew because I want to design clothes.


11 years ago


11 years ago

David Cross really knows how to stick it to pretentious reviewers who GOT IT ALL WRONG when reviewing The Eraser. Well not all wrong, but substantially...
the northern lights are breath taking. Humans don't have the vocabulary to discribe how awe inspiring they are.

and the secret to a good bagel is boiling before baking. You can find a million and one good recipies for any kind of bread making in the (surprise) "The Bread Making Bible." Or Chef's Illistrated's version, which is just as good. But diffrent.
Hello! I saw your post in H_F and it made me happy. It's nice to see fashion from Japan since I'm half Japanese and I am really excited to go this winter. Anyways I like your photos and your music, mind if we be friends?

My name is Chibo nickname for Chiharu. Hehe :)
Ahhhh, I have loved the name Chiharu!

I'll add you back now! Oooh, and you will love Japan. Except not the winter, which is horrible. :)
Hey, remember to fling me your address and some point so I can get that copy of Goodfellas your way.
Oh, I'm sorry! It's 1634 Crest Rd. Raleigh, NC 27606. :)


10 years ago

By the way, the 20% off sale at Deep Discount DVD has kicked in again. There are the usual eighteen quadraseptazillion codes like SUPERSALE if you need one, and 'sgood through November 18th.

I'm pestering everyone I know with this link, so I apologize in advance:
i added you as a friend, hope you don't mind! :)
No problem! Added back!
I am so down with #33 and #68! Dr. O'Sullivan must have his brownies! Only Ohio is so far away...and that means a #25 where we can do #22 while we get into a #31 about consumerism and aesthetic movements on the way up to Ohio. Then we can do #34 while we finally do #33 and we can stop by a #44 on our way home where you can get a #24 that screams "Ohio 2007!". See I have it all planned...
Then you could get rid of your favorite red painting for a measly sum so that I can cross of #25... Yes, yes, I like where this plan is going!

Just kidding. (Sortof.) :D

It all sounds excellent. I think I will place you in charge of helping me complete all 77 in exchange for planning similar adventures on YOUR list! When we're doing #44, we'll have to drive up to Night Moves. Apaprently one of the strippers can pick up a rolled up dollar bill with her ass. Sounds like a great place to start!

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Thanks! I've added you back. :)
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