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My goal is to move to my new house with nothing I don't really want. To that end, I've been going through the seven gigantic containers full of "keepsakes" I've acquired. There is an endless array of things that means nothing to me, like 2nd-birthday cards from names I don't recognize. Still, there are plenty of things that I love, or are funny, or that bring back memories.

an early mention of zombies (yes, that's what it says!)

high school detention, this one for a particularly stupid reason

in which my spelling of the "word" y'all is corrected

class field trip to a museum of medical abnormalities

this doesn't make sense to me anymore

note from a friend's little brother

(translation: "tina and jennifer, i like you and i hope you and jennifer come over soon and I like like you too and your friend, Jesse Reed")

in 8th grade, i got really into anime and video games and made these notebook covers

yep, i went to a christian school all right...

exert from my high school science book. only a school like mine would need to convince students that man-made computers are not as good as a god-made human

my mom, giving the school permission to let my boyfriend pick me up from school

going to 420 with adrian, to get her navel pierced. i can't believe they advertise whip-its. classy joint!

look, i was actually tanned!

letters and art from steve


jeff love, best kisser evar:

from my senior yearbook:
ahhh, so cheesy

my senior ad:

why were our cheerleaders condemned to a life of embarrassment wearing these...

while the tennis team uniforms looked like this?

my senior will:

and something left to me by my awesome friend cori:

which is funny, because the school saw fit to give me the most misguided award OF ALL TIME, as you can see at letter b)

letter a) an amusing mispelling i had to wear for an entire week at this awful christian leadership thing my class had to go to
letter c) where did these come from?
letter d) false tooth stolen from the medical museum

a week from an assignment pad

a wild engagement party-- a pinata filled with marijuana & other goodies

party casualty

after high school, one of my best friends got married. for some reason, she didn't want her husband to see all her keepsake things, so she gave them to me. i found this amazing picture:

and this one, from my friend's seventh grade photos. I don't know who this girl is, but if I was in seventh grade again i would want to be her!

hmm hmm, more later i'm sure.
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