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the allison and kyle wedding experience

I got so preoccupied with preparing the masses for wedding emergencies that I forgot to link to the photos from The Allison and Kyle Wedding Experience!

I was finally able to meet Kyle, who is not only pretty hot but also quite awesome (nice job, Al!), and then various wedding-related activities took up every second of my time at home (well, except for those errr... seconds when I discovered Guitar Hero and the power of rock).

Pregaming consisted of a lingerie shower and bachelorette party , both full of penis-like party favors.

Then the infinitely classier wedding followed that weekend (and by "classier" I mean "involving fewer pint-sized reproductions of male genitalia"), and fun was had by all!

The professional photos from the wedding are also online. But there are almost 800 of them, and the gallery software the photographers use can be classified as an exotic variety of "Steaming Shite" (meaning it took me over 5 hours total just to view the photos on their webpage because it is so bloated and slow!)

To combat the proliferation of nightmarish gallery software and save you the trouble, I thieved the best photos and uploaded them to my own site. Here are the best from the wedding and some truly amazing ones from the reception. (If you prefer to see the complete, uncut set of photos at a snail's pace on a horrible website, they are here. But don't say I didn't warn you.)

Anyway, congrats Allison and Kyle! Your wedding was awesome and you both looked great!

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