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a trip down south

I never posted about my birthday, but I came out with awesome loot from friends. Tasha and Darin made me this amazing bag--

-- and my coworker Chadd gave me a sweet old Polaroid One-Step camera!

This summer has been the summer of cameras. I bought myself an overpriced Lomo LCA with birthday money, found a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar for $2 at a thrift store, I'm taking a photography class which I'm using my mom's old Canon T70 SLR for, a friend just loaned me a crazy Nikon N2000, and yesterday a guy I knew at university drove up to do a small photoshoot with me via his Canon Digital Rebel XTI.

It was a gut-wrenching moment, though, when last week the local camera store pronounced the camera that started it all-- my tiny little Powershot S230-- dead with no hope of revival. The first two days at Bonnaroo it had been working fine, then on the third day mysteriously and quietly gave up the ghost. That digital camera has been an almost constant companion since I got it for Christmas almost five years ago. It took 12,252 pictures for me and was without a doubt the most splendid and useful present I've ever received. I feel like I've lost a great friend, and shopping for a replacement will be tough.


pictures from my polaroid one-step on a recent trip home

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