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So, I think as early as tomorrow I may be a holiday employee at Urban Outfitters and thus the recipient of a sweet discount at Urban, Anthropologie, and Free People. In celebration of the cool things I will be able to get in the future, I thought I'd share some of the awesome finds I've made in the past few weeks (and one recently-completed home project)!

The past few months, my and Thom's book collection has spent most of its time stacked haphazardly two feet high on my dining room table. Obviously a very convenient and effective storage method, but sometimes it would be nice to eat dinner at a table instead of from my lap on the couch. When my grandmother graciously offered to buy me a bookshelf to take care of the problem, I found this beauty for a mere $250 and decked it out like so:

Hooray, rainbows!

Other recent home finds:

1) 1960's mod calendar
2) gorgeous green art deco clock
3) mirrored art deco serving tray
4) bowling pin
5) a freaking accordian!
6) brown flokati rug

The care instructions on the rug read: "Brush it through with dog brush." Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

By far my favorite of the lot is the accordian. I've wanted one for some time, and this one was a steal at $50. It needs some aesthetic repairs, but it's entirely functional. So far I've tried (and failed) to rock it out, but I'll learn.

More to come!
Tags: decorating, photos, projects, thrift finds
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I think it is AWESOME that your books are organized by color. I may just copy that.
Give it a try! It is surprisingly difficult.
seriously rocking out with some cool stuff there, Jenn
Love the clock and bowling pin and the ACCORDIAN ROCKS!!!!
Yeah I am pretty excited about trying to learn it.
Looove the bookshelf! where didya find it? Also, your book organization reminds me of Chris Cobb's art installation/ book organization from a couple years ago.
Wow, impressive installation! It's actually much harder to group books by color than it seems. It took me some time to do only that small shelf.

The bookshelf/hutch thing was found at a local "antique" store specializing in retro/midcentury styles. It was originally priced at 800 dollars, but it was marked down to only $250 because the lady consigning it apparently just wanted to get rid of it!
Deals like those make me hate fortunate souls like you. Last month I saw a set of four perfect condition herman miller fiberglass chairs that went for 25 dollars for the set. I nearly fell out of my chair, amazed the craigslist gods had smiled upon me, alas the chairs had already been snatched up. I love your bookshelf so hard ;)
that's some awesome looking crap there, jenn... word up on the accordion, and i'm definitely jealous of that bookshelf (organized by COLORZ! super killer, like, bangerang-style. i'm gonna copy that sometime in the future). very swanky.

so you've probably heard by now, but i'll be back in the carolinas over the holidays, from the 18th to the 28th. thom sounds like he really wants to come out to oly over new years, which would be absolutely awesome, 'cause chris will be around here then, too. anyway, you should come out and visit sometime. i'll be moving off campus soon, and could probably swing a place for people to stay. it's awesome here, you'd like it and the rain isn't that bad, plus you'd probably enjoy getting out of the south and into the land of good coffee and muzik... anyway, just extending that offer, you're welcome to show up here at some point and come enjoy the awesome of the pacific northwest.

take it easy in raleigh.
I envy you for that accordion. very hard to find one here.
I love that you color coordinated your books. Fantastic!