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Zombie apocalypse

I feel like my life pretty much ended for the months between the sudden death of my digital camera at Bonnaroo and the purchase of a new one several weeks ago. Things just don't seem the same when you can't post the pictures on the internet later. ;) Luckily, one of my friends came through for me and made sure that this Halloween would be captured and remembered, which is pretty important considering I had the sweetest costume in the history of the universe.

Those who know me have heard me spout endless streams of contradictory shit about alternatively being a zombie, hunting zombies, and surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse. So I'm sure it can come as no surprise that that's what I tried to transform myself into this year, with the help of a few days practice and a lot of reading up on special effects makeup. Sadly I didn't get any good, close-up pictures of the nasty gashes and wounds I made for my neck, face, and arms, but rest assured that they were gory and meaty enough for any Japanese horror movie and maybe even a few Italian ones:

After the wounds and makeup were in place, the look was completed with the help of my friend Candace, a huge bowl of homemade blood, and the most extreme Blood Fight ever, documented for your convenience!

It was a shame when it was all over, although next time I would definitely add a lot more blood on the chin and chest, because zombies aren't such neat eaters. Luckily the owners of the coffee shop I manage made the questionable decision to make our employee Christmas party theme "Come as your favorite dead person" despite having someone with a proclivity for gory zombies on the payroll. So come December, it's Round 2!

PS. The rest of the photos can be found here, at Binrock. Rad, huh?
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