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we spin with such significance

So helloooo, 2008. Despite some really great things that 2007 brought, I've been hoping this year would be better to me than the last. What that really means is that I decided to be more responsible for my own satisfaction than I have been of late, and with that comes the inevitable string of self-improvement promises. In the spirit of reclaiming the things that make life a little more sparkly, I've adopted a 365-day photo project. The only goal is to take at least one picture every day and share it with the world. The hope is that it will capture the spirit of each particular day, force me to improve my skills, and prevent a beloved hobby from falling victim to (as a certain Sunday preacher used to say) "the tyranny of the urgent".

For New Year's Day, Thom and I drove down to Charleston to celebrate with friends, and by strange coincidence my friend and roommate Alia was already there with other friends. On the way back, her group broke down on the side of the road. When we arrived to "rescue" her, they had made such a merry party of it, singing and doing the "gypsy shuffle", that it seemed like a great start to another rotation around the sun.

Happy New Year's!
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