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house pretties

So, I think as early as tomorrow I may be a holiday employee at Urban Outfitters and thus the recipient of a sweet discount at Urban, Anthropologie, and Free People. In celebration of the cool things I will be able to get in the future, I thought I'd share some of the awesome finds I've made in the past few weeks (and one recently-completed home project)!

The past few months, my and Thom's book collection has spent most of its time stacked haphazardly two feet high on my dining room table. Obviously a very convenient and effective storage method, but sometimes it would be nice to eat dinner at a table instead of from my lap on the couch. When my grandmother graciously offered to buy me a bookshelf to take care of the problem, I found this beauty for a mere $250 and decked it out like so:

Hooray, rainbows!

Other recent home finds:

1) 1960's mod calendar
2) gorgeous green art deco clock
3) mirrored art deco serving tray
4) bowling pin
5) a freaking accordian!
6) brown flokati rug

The care instructions on the rug read: "Brush it through with dog brush." Niiiiiiiiiiiice.

By far my favorite of the lot is the accordian. I've wanted one for some time, and this one was a steal at $50. It needs some aesthetic repairs, but it's entirely functional. So far I've tried (and failed) to rock it out, but I'll learn.

More to come!
Tags: decorating, photos, projects, thrift finds
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